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spirituality 101

oracle cardsI pulled out my oracle cards the other night.

According to the box, “The cards are designed to help manifest your goals, life purpose and divinely inspired dreams” – Sounds pretty good to me!

I’ve only ever used the cards a handful of times, I am definitely no expert – I mainly did it for fun. Not that the self-readings I’ve done in the past haven’t been insightful, but I doubt by own levels of spirituality – I trust in other people who are more ‘skilled’ or ‘talented’ to do readings for me, but I have never backed myself in the ‘spirituality’ stakes. Wow was I wrong! I was about to learn a pretty cool lesson.

I shuffled the cards and asked for guidance (as the instructions tell you to do), I pulled out 4 cards and lay them face down in front of me. As I turned the cards over one by one, and read each one aloud, I was completely shocked.

        The cards spoke my truth.

With the cards lined up in a row, the card on the left signifies your immediate past, the next your present, and the 2 after that, your future in 3 month increments. Mine read as follows:

1. Empowerment – “You’re more powerful than you realise. It’s safe for you to be powerful!” This card confirms that your inner power wants to surface. You’ll use this power appropriately, and you’re incapable of abusing it. Instead of worrying what others think about you, use your power to make the world a better place.

 This is exactly what this past year has been for me. Stepping out of my comfort zone, finding what authentically inspires me, and having the courage and faith to begin a brand new life-path. If I had to sum that up in one word, it sure would be empowerment.

2. Time To Move On –  “It’s time to let go of the old and worn out so that the new can come in.” You need to make room for the new by letting go of the old. First, let go emotionally and intellectually. In other words, ‘quit’ or ‘say goodbye’ in your mind and heart. Don’t plan, scheme, or worry about how your letting-go (or replacement) will occur. You’ll get infinite guidance whenever it’s the right moment to take action. Until then, stay lovingly detached from your old situation.

This hits my present reality to a T! I literally just quit my job, said goodbye to friends, and travelled half way across to the world, home to Australia. What the future holds for me at this stage is uncertain. I don’t yet know where I’ll be living, what my new job will be, or how long I’ll be away for again.  It’s scary for me not knowing all the answers, but as this card reminded me – I’m clearing space, making way for the new to come into my life.

3. Self-Employment – “You’re a born entrepreneur, and your business is surrounded by magical opportunities.” You have the drive, discipline and desire to be your own boss. This card also shows you that you have the magical ingredients for a successful business. You’re fully supported spiritually. As long as you stay enthusiastic, new opportunities will come to you. Your positive energy attracts customers, clients, and contracts.

This card made me laugh, as I have just launched my own business. Website is complete, clients base is growing, workshops are being planned – and yes, it’s one of my goals to be working solely for myself in the not so distant future.

4. Rest – “You’ve been working hard. Take a nap and get some rest.” This card asks you to slow down, rest, and be very gentle with yourself. By drawing this card, you’re urged to let go of unnecessary activities, and to focus on self-renewal.

This card made me smile knowingly. For I am like a dog with a bone once I get started on something. I can get swept up with impatience, and wanting everything to happen NOW! I know that I need to make time for play, and for rest – to rejuvenate away from the busy-ness of chasing goals, plans, and big dreams. I need to nurture myself to allow for self-renewal.

These cards really hit home for me. Every single one of them.

It was the first time I actually felt some higher being there with me, I don’t know if I believe in angels, or spirits or any of that but something was there; guiding me towards those specific cards.

I couldn’t believe I had done it all on my own, no spiritual reader, no appointment booked, no money paid – just me and a deck of cards.

I have a newfound respect for my own spiritual power. It’s comforting to know that I can draw on it any time I need.

For some, the word ‘spirituality’ freaks us out. But whatever you call it – your instinct, or your ‘gut’ – it’s all the same thing. It’s our intuition and higher spiritual guidance. Something that often gets over-run by our noisy, logical, minds.

When was the last time you shut down your mind, and tapped into your own inner guidance?

Perhaps there’s been something that your intuition has been trying to tell you?

Make time to get connected with yourself.

You have more power within than you realise.

One of the great gifts of spiritual knowledge is that it realigns your sense of self to something you may not have even ever imagined was within you. Spirituality says that even if you think you’re limited and small, it simply isn’t so. You’re greater and more powerful than you have ever imagined. A great and divine light exists inside of you.

2 Comments to “spirituality 101”

  1. Patty March 26, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    Hi Julia – I discovered your blog this week after coming across your Instagram 🙂 I’m not familiar with oracle cards and it seems there are so many themes to choose from. Do you have any suggestions or direction when comes to selecting a deck to read ourselves? Thank you, and I’m finding your blog to be quite inspiring.

    • Julia March 30, 2014 at 4:01 pm

      Hi Patty – thank you, I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog 🙂
      As far as the oracle cards go, I’m no expert but Doreen Virtue’s cards are meant to be the best. Go with something that you’re drawn to, either angel cards, mermaid/dolphin etc – Look at the images, and see which ones speak to you.

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Sarah Sheffield

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