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Julia Matheson


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Cracking the whip (with love) for purposeful individuals and work teams

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A book can give you a spark of motivation . . .  But only a person can give you a kind-hearted kick in the pants. An online course can provide you with options . . . But being present will keep you accountable. An email or a message board could bring you closer to your tribe . . . But nothing beats the presence of people in the flesh.

I value in-person connectivity, inspiring, leading, teaching and making people laugh, all without screens getting in the way. I help women (and a few special, connected guys), to get to the guts of what makes them tick so that they can create a life that’s soul-stirring, purpose-driven and loads of fun. I do this by being a super personable, approachable and authentic host for intimate workshops, group events, and interactive presentations.

What I’m known for:

High voltage energy. Making people comfortable, and then lighting a fire under their ass. Practical magic. Hugging (yes, I’m that one who’ll go in for a cuddle when we’ve only just met). Being real. Being your own personal cheerleader.

What I’m good for

Helping you to:

  • Discover new passions and reignite old ones, so you can shed the stuff that’s dragging you down
  • Get clear on what you want out of life
  • Discover what you were born to do
  • Set goals with soul and intention
  • Love who you are with renewed self awareness, self esteem + confidence.
  • Become more mindful, so that you can enjoy your life to the brim
  • Dream BIG, without holding back. This is your life, and there are no limits!

Imagine: One blonde, lively ball of energy who makes self-reflection, self-enquiry and strategising a FUN and transformative experience. One intimate room full of engaged people who aren’t on their phones (yes, it’s possible). One full day or power-hour of mind adjustment, eye-opening revelations, deep connectivity, crazy-clear clarity, encouragement, goal setting and oodles of motivation to propel you into awesomeness. But mostly important, you’re going to walk away with stuff you can actually use out in the real world. Proven tools, tricks and mind hacks you can whip out at any time when you’re feeling disconnected, unhappy and stuck.


That means people leave my events feeling ready to grab life by the coconuts, and go off into the world ready to take on pretty much anything.


Topics we generally cover:

  • Goal smashing
  • Dream chasing
  • Fear squashing
  • Reconnection with your authentic self
  • Unearthing your passion + purpose
  • Rediscovering your values, desires, needs and wants
  • Removing your barriers to success, and
  • Saying “hell yes!” to all that your heart desires

Let’s get out hands dirty together

If you have an intimate group of aspiring dreamers, doers and thinkers, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m particularly at ease leading ambitious and soul-driven women, but can also engage and connect with corporate teams, and high school students.

Whether you want me to hold a short workshop at your next event, lead your team through some morale building exercises at your offices, or come visit your high school, I am so there.


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The best way to kick things off is to get in touch with me directly via email. I’d love to hear from you!