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you are not required to hustle

Taking a sick day is pretty unheard of when you run your own business.

But when your body is screaming at you to stop, sometimes that’s all you can do.

Yesterday I awoke at 2am to nausea and then got to know my bathroom sink very intimately, then my stomach continued to cramp and bloat for the next 24 hours causing me stabbing pain. I’m still not right, but I’m feeling a hell-of-a-lot better today! The graphic description aside (sorry, I hope you’re not eating while reading this!), the point is I HAD to wipe my calendar clear, all those “urgent” things on my to-do list had to stay right where they were. Un-done.

There’s so much guilt that comes with this for me, all the “shoulds” and things I wanted to get done. All of it is my own uber-high expectations. No one else is putting this pressure on me, it’s all coming from myself.

My work right now is to balance my feminine and masculine energies, you see I’m very much a do-er, I’m self-reliant, independent, strong and love being in action. This way of being always takes precedent over going with the flow (*read letting go), surrendering and allowing things to unfold organically. After some pondering, I’ve realised it all comes down to TRUST and FAITH, or my lack there of. When I feel like I have to make something happen, I am coming from a place of fear, or lack, because I don’t believe that without my own effort, things will happen. That’s the masculine energy, and he’s a control freak who believes that the universe revolves around him.

So yesterday the feminine reigned over my kingdom! There was nap taking in the middle of the day *gasp*, I didn’t turn on my computer, my phone was on silent, I didn’t know what time it was most of the day – all I wanted was for my stomach pain to end as I slept, sipped peppermint tea and covered my body in heat packs.

And you know what? The world didn’t end! My life didn’t come crashing down around my ankles, and my business sure didn’t collapse in one day. Turns out all those urgent things, weren’t so urgent after all.

Lesson learned?

It’s OK to slow down. In fact, it’s necessary.

So why do I have to wait until my body shuts down for me to calm my farm? Because often it won’t be as black and white as being sick, or experiencing crippling pain. It will be subtle and you will have to listen very carefully to realise that you DO have a choice. It’s important to know that you always have a choice, so you can make a conscious decision in the moment, instead of running on auto-pilot.

I came across this post on instagram on Monday and slapped me bang in the heart. . . It was quite ironic that 2 days later this was my experience.

As another man-made-Monday takes its turn on the earth and your feed is filled with musings of hustling, killing it, owning it, attacking it, coffee, grinding it, checking it, and whatever other mottos are meant to inspire you to get shit done. . . we want to offer another perspective.

Time is abstract, Mondays only exist because we made them, and what you don’t get done today can always happen tomorrow. Passion, goals, and a desire to better yourself are all beautiful things.

But what if the hamster wheel of society has us all spinning like a top when bettering yourself could be as simple as sitting alone with your thoughts, passionately looking at the sky, and goals of deep connection with one human today? Just a different perspective for all the multi-tasking hustlers out there.

–  Folk Rebellion (@folkrebellion)


Multi-tasking hustlers, I couldn’t think of a better description. And most of the entrepreneurs and business owners I know are exactly the same. But you don’t have to own a business, or even be in a high-flying career to experience this – weather you’re a stay at home mum, a worker-bee, or a CEO – the tasks themselves may be different, but the experience is the same. It’s all hustle, hustle, hustle.

Most days I feel like I have too many tabs open in my brain, and if it wasn’t for my daily rituals, habits and conscious choices – I would be totally fried by lunch time! For example, I know I have to be in nature at least once a day (because FREEDOM is my biggest value, and also my desired feeling, and nature is how I honour that), I walk Frankie along the beach or through the clifftop trails, then I stretch, I have a sit-down breakfast while I read or journal, then I take myself off to meditate. This is my morning ritual, and all this happens before sitting down at my desk and starting my work day. It grounds and centres me, allowing myself to feel calm and present.

It’s ironic that we teach what we need to learn, and I am no exception. My clients are often my biggest teachers. I work with my clients on crafting big bold vision and goals for their lives, and I help support them in making sh*t happen – yet the work is always balanced, we focus just as much on WHO they are being, as on WHAT they are doing.

Because it’s not just what we produce that’s important, it’s our whole experience along the way. Why? Because that experience is your LIFE! And if you are putting everything else on hold, or worse, actively sabotaging other areas of your life as “sacrifice” to achieve a goal, then how empty is that accomplishment going to feel?

So setting goals around how you want to feel, who you want to be, and how you want to show up for others, are just as important (I’d actually argue, more important) as what you want to achieve.



I officially give you permission NOT to hustle today. It is your birthright to experience joy, flow and ease in life. If you surrender and allow, more often than not the results will be far beyond your wildest expectations. The universe has your back.

See what opens up for you, be curious as to what’s possible when you step out of that closed mind-set.

If you weren’t hustling, how would you BE?

How would you behave?

How would you feel?

What would your experience of life be like?

I’d love to know what shifts for you, share your thoughts with me below.

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