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nature coaching

Nature is my access point to the divine.

It is my reminder that I am yet one tiny part, of a big, beautiful, intricate system called life. Perspective is gained, instantly. I step outside of my non-stop-chatter-mind, and start to feel connected to something bigger – spirit, god, the divine – whatever you call it. You I tangibly feel it in nature.

The long cold winter is now being put to bed, and the fresh beginnings of spring will be soon upon us. On my walk with Frankie this morning I walked under the light of the full moon and saw all the new blossoms budding on the trees. Even though it’s still freezing in Melbourne, nature inherently knows that Spring is not far away. It has me dreaming of the warmer months that will grace us soon. Our bodies will soon be soaking up that precious warmth of the sun’s rays, which provides us with vitamins and energy. Our life force.

I have always loved being in nature – exploring the bush on a hike, diving under water with the fishes, star gazing, walking along a wild ocean coastline, or driving through the country side. Yet when it comes to my “work”, I place myself indoors, with computer screens, and a headset (although the head set is really sexy, ask my clients!). So even though I love what I do, I feel a certain disconnect as I keep these two passions of mine separated.

If you read my last post (Radical Alignment) you would know how amazing it was for me to lead my work outside on my recent yoga retreat in Bali. It was a total light bulb moment. Hello #dreamjob! So my brain has been ticking ever since I got home, seeking more and more radical alignment.

Recently I’ve been working with my Coach on the topic of breaking down my limiting beliefs of work Vs play.  These illusions that exist solely in my mind. They are not real, they are constructed by me. I just want to be ME all the time, operating at the highest frequency I can. And I know that I feel the most alive when immersed in mother nature.

There is wisdom in the plants and trees and rocks and the Earth below us but we cannot unlock it if we don’t connect and listen. Mother Earth is constantly whispering, waiting for us to connect with her secrets. The ancients knew this. It’s time for us all to remember.

– Rebecca Campbell.

You see, my masculine energy wants to quest, wants to go on adventures, it craves total and utter freedom. Yet my feminine side love to nurture others, seeks beauty, comfort & safety. Perhaps you can relate? For too long these two sides have been at war subconsciously, with the pendulum swinging violently between the two extremes. It went like this: [ work, work, work, work, quit my job & travel! Work, work, work, work, quit my job & travel! ] You get the drift. My inner work these past couple of years has been to marry my two energies, to bring back the balance so that both sides feel satisfied.

I loved presenting my seasonal workshop series, which helped connect people to the changing seasons, and reconnect with themselves. But I want to take it one step further, I don’t just want to talk about nature, I want to BE IN nature.

How can I do what I do, and also be immersed in nature? Hmm

Enter my . . .


You + Me + Outdoors.

I am now offering my coaching with a side of mother nature. 

I invite you into the experience of coming home to yourself through nature. Bringing you back to your natural environment. Taking you through this process of connecting to nature & yourself. Think bush walks, outdoor chai dates, beach hangs, lazing in the park or on top of a mountain. 

Let’s replace blue light, with sunlight.

Office chairs, for tree stumps.

Air conditioning, for the breeze in the wind.

Skype and Face Time, with in-the-flesh face time.

The water cooler, for a real watering hole!

Are you in?

It feels like such an epiphany, yet something I’ve also known deep inside forever.

(My astrologer actually told me this is what I’d be doing two whole years ago! Literally word for word that I would be leading people on quests out in nature. Reading back over my notes I wonder why I waited so long. But I always do things on my feelings and my intuition. I have to be ready, without force or pushing. So actually, I know that the timing is completely perfect.)

I feel so excited to bring this new offering to life. Stay tuned to the newsletter and social media for all the updates as they come to light.

Got an idea or a request? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you.

I can’t wait to get outdoors with you!

Let’s get lost, and find ourselves in nature.

No matter how disconnected, confused, lost, broken, betrayed, or hurt you find yourself, you can find your true nature in nature.

– Rebecca Campbell

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4 Comments to “nature coaching”

  1. Meika Behrendorff August 29, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    Yes I am in!! I think a day hike would be great. I did this through work a few years ago on the 1000 steps. We stopped at different points and talked about things like ‘what single moment shaped your life?’ Was really good, but you’d do it better xxx

    • Julia Matheson August 29, 2018 at 11:35 pm

      Yay Meika! I would be stoked to have you there. That is such a powerful question, love it. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted when this takes shape.

  2. Julie duncan August 30, 2018 at 2:27 am

    Sounds great. Nature always makes me feel better. Would love to hear about future events.

    • Julia Matheson September 14, 2018 at 1:28 am

      Hi Julie – it always does doesn’t it? I’d love to have you there, hopefully you can make it.

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Bianca Rowe

“Since your Workshop my Vision sits in my heart and I see it each day so clearly. I can’t even begin to put into words the feeling in my soul! I have such clarity around what I want, my purpose, my personal legacy and the goals I want to achieve. The dreams I have inside of what I want to do in life can now be lived! Your smile touched my heart. Thank you for bringing out the best in me and for knowing that anything is possible.”

Sarah Sheffield