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living your values

Values is a big area of focus for my coaching clients.

Not only deciphering what they are, but understanding how to craft and create a life that is aligned with those values. A life that honours each and every value you hold true.

It’s probably no surprise that values work is one of my favourite topics!

Have you ever thought about what your values are?

Values act as guide lines for how you live your life. They help you make decisions, they steer you in the right direction, and they pull you towards being your most authentic, very best version of you. Your values are the behaviour and activities to which you are naturally drawn to.

Values could be things like:

  • creating
  • contributing
  • adventure
  • beauty
  • teaching or
  • spirituality.

They are not moralistic, values are not what you think you SHOULD do.  There are also no “right” or “wrong” values – everyone has a completely unique set, and your set of values will be special to you.

Values are who you really are.


I take my clients through a Values program, which helps them to understand values, and identify and refine their top four values. It then puts you on a path to honouring them. To honour your values is to give yourself the ultimate gift.

Values are what you do or find very attractive. When you do these activities, you feel the most like yourself; passionate, excited, connected, glowing, effortless. Sounds great right? But as much as you may like these things, most people lead lives that do not let you experience them all of the time. You may be too busy with responsibilities, unresolved matters, unmet needs, just getting by – you name it! There are many blocks stopping you from living your values.

So in order to honour your values, substantial shifts will need to take place in your life. You will need to alter and enhance your life to get the room you need to engage in this ideal life. 

Most people spend their time trying to get their values met (and mostly, this is an unconscious act). When you find yourself getting frustrated, bored, disturbed our outright angry – I could place money on the fact that one of your values is not being honoured. Because when your values are not in alignment with your life, a disharmony happens that causes you distress.

So next time something feels off, or you feel a bit out of sorts – check in with yourself and ask:

  • “Which one of my values is this going against?” or
  • “What value of mine isn’t being honoured right now?” 

My own values are:

  • Relatedness,
  • Teaching, Emotions/Feeling,
  • Catalyst/Coach and
  • Beauty.

They sit on my desk on a cork-board that I look at all-day-long, as a constant reminder that yes – THIS is who I am, and this is how I want to live my life! I can’t tell you how empowering that is, and how much clarity this has given me and my life. Honestly, I could jam on values with you all day long!

But over to you. What are YOUR values?

Here are some questions to get you more acquainted with your values, and beginning to understand how you can honour them. . .


  • What are my core values?
  • How do I define them in my own words, what do they mean to ME?
  • What do I believe to be true about this value?
  • How does this value show up in my daily behaviour?


Values work really is life changing, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Understanding your values, and then actively setting out to honour them will create huge positive shifts in your life. You will start to experience more joy, more fulfilment, more flow and ease than ever before. And that dissonance that you feel will dissolve as your life comes more in alignment with your values.

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“When you achieve complete congruence between your values and your goals, like a hand in a glove, you feel strong, happy, healthy and fully integrated as a person. You develop a kind of courage that makes you completely unafraid to make decisions and take action.
Your whole life improves when you begin living your life by the values that you most admire.”  

Brian Tracy

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“Julia is a great coach. She is caring, intuitive and helpful. Each session was unique and beneficial. She provided practical ways for me to focus on my goals, as well as resources and activities to insight action – which she then held me accountable to! I started our sessions feeling very overwhelmed, but left having tools and confidence to start new projects. Working with Julia helped get me get my life back on track.”

Collin Poole

“Simple, clear and insightful.  Julia’s coaching is all of this and more.  My goals and aspirations are so much clearer thanks to Julia’s Workshops on my recent yoga Retreat.  I designed my life Vision and now feel empowered and confident in my daily life choices to achieve that vision.”

lisa williamson