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Julia Matheson


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Be Inspired – part #1

I’m floating on a cloud.

I have just returned home from a fabulous evening – the first session of the BE INSPIRED workshops.

Emma Palmer lead an incredible session on the ancient Yoga principles and how they can apply to creating our life vision and purpose. We were lead through a deep, powerful meditation that really opened up our minds and hearts.

It is the perfect place to now lead us into the second part of the workshop series – the Goal Setting Workshop next week. We will be able to take what came up for us tonight, and use that to create our vision for our dream life. You will gain knowledge and practical tools on Vision creation and Goal Setting. Just the ticket to set you up to live an inspired 2014 and beyond! (If you missed out on tonight, don’t worry you can still attend next week – just make sure to reserve your spot! Check out the events page for all details.)

Thank you Emma for an insightful evening. Namaste.

Here are some snaps of tonight –

BeInspiredEvent3       BeInspiredEvent2BeInspiredEvent1

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu Om Shanti Shanti.

May all beings be happy.
And may all my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings. 

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“Julia’s Workshop was the first time I’ve actually sat down and thought about my purpose in life. It was so refreshing and an experience I’ll never forget. I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my life purpose, and was then able to realise how my values and goals can now align with that. The tools and insights I gained from Julia’s Workshop have helped keep me on track ever since!”

Jacqui Dunstan

“Before I commenced working with Julia, I’d spent several years trying to pin-point “what I wanted to do with my life”. What I achieved with Julia in 3 months will forever astound me! Julia has a natural ability to guide you through your own maze, and call you out on your self-limitations and fears. Lifting these veils enabled me to have several major breakthroughs. My life journey has been propelled by YEARS having worked with Julia. For the first time since I was a child, I am creating my life from a place of excitement, possibility and joy rather from fear, heaviness and expectations. I am now connected to myself on a much deeper level and I have clarity around my life Vision. I finally know what my life purpose is and how I want to contribute to the world. I cannot recommend Julia more highly. Working with her is the best gift you can give yourself to start creating and living a life you truly love!”

Kat Manks