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how goals become reality

Do you know the #1 thing that stops people from achieving their goals?


It’s actually not rocket science, there is no secret sauce here – it boils down to how committed you are to daily, weekly and monthly action towards your dream.

How I set goals with my clients is a little different to what most people have experienced. Instead of randomly picking some things to aim at for the year (or worse – setting resolutions that don’t even make it past January!), I like to work backwards from a big, inspiring, kick-ass 10 year vision. I’ve written about this many times – I call this tool goals with soul”.

A vision that gives you goosebumps and watery eyes, a snapshot of your perfect day in your perfect life that makes you SO excited to bring that to life. We start with ten year goals, then trickle back to five year goals, and down to one year goals. Its a funnel effect that means whatever you focus on today, this week, this month – is directly linked to your big 10 year vision. And this is what makes ALL the difference.

VISION  > 10 YR GOAL  >  5 YR GOAL  >  1 YR GOAL

Having a vision and your goals lined up to achieve that vision is the most important part of goal setting.

But having goals is one thing, being in action around them is a whole other story. Because goals without action are just dreams my friend.

“There’s power in setting clearly defined, purposeful goals and, most importantly, having the character power to act on them.”

– Robin Sharma.

Action is vital to your one-year goals. I like to break mine down into smaller chunks – by splitting a bigger goal up into major deliverables, and minor deliverables, it makes the task at hand seem less daunting. It also makes the steps super clear, so that we can get into action straight away.

For example, one of my one year goals is to camp with friends once a quarter. This is what I call an ‘onion goal’, because on the outside it may look easy, but there are multiple layers that make up the goal. This goal has two parts to it, 1) to organise the troops and book dates in, and 2) to research different places to explore. Let’s break it down so you can see how easy it is to get in action.

Here are my major deliverables for this goal:

  • to find at least four dates this year that everyone is free
  • to research different places to camp, hike & explore
  • to book in four weekend getaways in 2019

So with these major deliverables in mind, now I need to think about the steps that make it up – the minor deliverables. Next do the major deliverables below, I have listed the minor deliverables that need to be completed.

  • Research camp grounds and find out their availability (and check seasonal appropriateness!)
  • Chat to people to get first hand recommendations
  • Suggest options to my friends and refine our short list of top 4 places
  • Confirm dates & book sites
  • Purchase new camping gear & borrow remaining things from people
  • Get a dog sitter for Frankasuarus!
  • Map out hiking routes, activities, food plans and car pooling.

Once you have defined your minor deliverables, it’s time to start scheduling! Get out your diary, your day-planner or your i-phone and start making things happen! Book in time with yourself to get things done, send that email, call that contact, do more research. Who do you need to enrol to help you? Start sharing your goals with people to get the ball rolling. Do one thing every single day that will get you closer to your goal. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your actions will start to take effect.


“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

– Hugh Mackay

Now I’ve used a very simple example here just to outline the concept, but this tool applies to any goal, no matter how audacious. You can use this technique for starting your own company, designing a new product, climbing Mt Everest, or building your dream home. That’ the beauty of it.

I find it works best in my goal setting template, I love a good guide! (Interested? Reply to this email if you’d like me to send you a copy). You might want to jot them in your favourite journal, or stick them to your fridge – whatever best works for you. Make sure they are somewhere prominent though, so you are reminded of them daily.

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”

– Nolan Bushnell

Make a conscious choice to move forward with your goals. If you hit road blocks and come across complications (which, trust me, you will!) just stop and ask yourself – What’s holding me back right now? How can I make this work? What do I need to do?

Treat them as speed bumps, as opposed to a dead-end sign. Allow nothing to stand in the way of you and your goal.

You may go off-course, but remember every single day is a new beginning. A new opportunity to work towards your dream.

And remember – as you step closer to what you want, what you want is stepping closer to you.

What’s one thing today you can achieve that will get you closer to your goal?

Not tomorrow. Not next week. But TODAY.

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Your soul can be calling you to rise every moment of every day but without daily action all of those calls are useless. We create tomorrow by our intentions and actions today. So ground your dreams through daily action. That way, you can ensure that you spend your time actually living your dreams rather than dreaming about them. ” 

– Rebecca Campbell

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