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welcome fear

Fear can be debilitating . . . if you let it be.

It’s something that’s been showing up a lot for me recently.

It’s that little voice on my shoulder, and grip on my heart that stops me in my tracks when I get too much in my head. Fear has me second guess myself. Fear has me question the future. Fear denies me of the trust I have in the universe. And more importantly, the trust I have in myself.

But instead of running from my fears, or smothering them with false positive affirmations – I’m staring them straight in the eye. I’m not only acknowledging them, but I’m allowing myself to really feel it and sit in that fear. It feels uncomfortable at the start, like wearing in a new pair of shoes – but I’m starting to feel a level of ease wash over me.

Understand the anatomy of fear. It is your own creation. Like any other creation, it is just as easy to tear it down as it is to erect it. Methodically search for and then destroy every fear than has secretly slid into the fortress of your mind. This alone will give you enormous confidence, happiness and peace of mind.   

– Robin Sharma

I know I want to (and need to) dive deeper into my business. Life Coaching is what lights me up, it’s my passion and my purpose – it’s an extension of who I am, and I’ve no doubt it’s how I am supposed to contribute to this world. And right now, it’s not getting the time or energy that it truly deserves.

I have fears around my coaching ability, my financial security, my business skills (or more succinctly, my lack there of) fear of failure, and in some way, fear of success. So I pretty much have fears around EVERYTHING!

And what I’m starting to realise is, that that’s OK. I’m allowed to feel fear around all those things, and it doesn’t need to be labelled as a BAD thing.

The moment we acknowledge our fears, we are 90% healed from them.

Working for myself has been a life long dream of mine. And it’s only become clear in the past couple of years, exactly what this will look like. When I started Love Your Life, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to create, and it’s this vision that inspires me every day to continue doing the work I do.

To fulfil on my vision however, I need to keep stepping away from my comfort zone (notice how your comfort zone is always moving?!). I have always worked for other people. I’ve been under the umbrella of a company or business that protected me from the elements. This year it’s time for me to step out, to branch out – to feel alive, inspired, and challenged – and to follow my own dream. Stepping out from under the umbrella will leave me open to the elements. No protection out there on your own. But it also means I will get to FEEL everything, the exhilarating highs, the crushing lows, the mundane, the brilliant, the inspiring, the challenging – I get to feel it ALL.

To feel is to be alive.

While fear might tell you that living an authentic life is risky, scary and too hard – it’s not. Alignment nurtures far more ease and abundance in your life, than switching masks and identities all day might.  

– Claire Baker

There’s a certain courage that comes with living the life of your dreams. We step away from the well worn trail, and decide to take our own course. There are no signs, there are no paved roads, there is no street lamp to light our way. But in that space, we get to feel truly alive, we get to experience the broad spectrum of emotions instead of being confined to the numbing comfort zone.

Take the time to reflect on what it is that might be keeping you from the life you really want and know deep down you can have. Once you have identified what your weaknesses are, the next step is to face them head on and attack you fears. If you fear public speaking, sign up to give twenty speeches. If you fear starting a new business or getting out of a dissatisfying relationship, muster every ounce of your inner resolve and do it. This might be the first taste of real freedom that you have experienced in years. Fear is nothing more than a mental moster you have created, a negative stream of consciousness.

– Robin Sharma

So here’s to a 2015 full of fear! Because if I’m feeling fear, then I know that I’m living outside my comfort zone. I’m growing, evolving and stretching.

My mantra for the year is “2015 is my time to SHINE!”. To me this means self-expression, freedom, action, movement, flow, synergy, inspiration, passion and purpose. And when I’m shining, there’s no space for fear.

Fail fast, and fail often. That’s the key.

What fears have been coming up for you lately?

What’s your instinctive reaction to fear? – Do you welcome it in, or do you slam the door in it’s face? Get curious as to how it feels in your body. And also listen to what you say to yourself when fear emerges.

The moment we welcome our fears, we lessen their grip on us, and in turn, we take our power back.


“When you conquer your fears, you conquer your life.”

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“Julia is a great coach. She is caring, intuitive and helpful. Each session was unique and beneficial. She provided practical ways for me to focus on my goals, as well as resources and activities to insight action – which she then held me accountable to! I started our sessions feeling very overwhelmed, but left having tools and confidence to start new projects. Working with Julia helped get me get my life back on track.”

Collin Poole

“I have taught coaching as an academic University teacher – Julia goes beyond anything in my textbook. It is the best money I ever spent. Her coaching is amazing, she is a wonderful active listener. There have been times when I have challenged Julia on how to deal with unexpected non-dreamed of situations that come up. This is where she excels. She knows how to deal with my future dreams and my current reality. I cannot recommend Julia enough. I’ll also say – I did the work. I never expected Julia to be a magic wand. I expected her to be a coach. She has been coach extraordinaire.”

Teresa Marchant