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choose love

I’m feeling heavy today.

Waking up this morning to the news across the globe of execution, natural devastation and violent riots. It’s heavy stuff.

It has the power to make me feel powerless, isolated, insignificant and has me asking myself “What the hell is going on in the world?!”. . This is why I don’t own a TV, and rarely watch the news. It makes me feel anxious, saddened and helpless.

We can’t separate ourselves from this collective energy. This heaviness effects us deeply; how we think, how we feel and it also stores itself in our physical bodies. The tightness in your chest, the knot in your stomach, the weight of your heart. We are all feeling the pain of what these people and communities around the world are suffering through right now.


What is clear to me is this. The world needs more LOVE.

We don’t necessarily have control over any of these situations, but we do have the power to choose how to respond. It all starts with us.

What thoughts run through your mind when you hear about death by firing squad? Tens of thousands of people dying in an earthquake? Communities turning on each other in violent riots?

Is it one of retribution? Anger? Outrage? Helplessness?

For most people this is our natural reaction to such heart breaking news. But know that all energy begins within us, within our own spirits and minds. What we think we become.

Today I am choosing another thought. I am trying to choose LOVE.

Love for life.  

Love for our natural world. 

Love for the human spirit.

When we think of love, our energy lifts. Our vibration rises. And our collective consciousness shifts.

I don’t think we yet realise the true power of our own minds.

There is enough hatred, judgement and anger in the world already – and it’s getting us nowhere, very fast. Imagine if we all chose a different response? What would be possible if we all focused our thoughts, time, energy, words and resources on cultivating love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance?

Where in your own life, within your own family, friends and communities could you offer more love? Who do you know that needs your compassion, forgiveness or acceptance?

How can you be more loving to YOURSELF?

More compassionate, forgiving, and accepting of YOU?

How can we offer love to others if we do not love ourselves first?

It all starts with us.

Be the very best version of you, and shine your own gorgeous luminous light out into this world.

Because we need your light more than ever before. This world needs us all to show up.

Choose love today, and everyday.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mamta Ghandi

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