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Happy first day of  S P R I N G !!!

There has been so many wonderful changes happening lately. I have been devoting much more of my time and energy to Love Your Life since I cut down to part-time with my day job. This was such a scary move for me to make, and those that tuned into the Fear Webinar would know it was one riddled with FEAR! But it  was necessary and well overdue.


See the problem with knowing what you are here to do, is that you then have a responsibility TO DO IT.

You can’t un-know this inner truth, or fool yourself you can feel fulfilled not living out your purpose. It calls at you, louder and louder, until a whisper becomes a scream. No longer able to be ignored or pushed aside.

I couldn’t keep coaching on the side-lines anymore, it was yearning to burst out of me and take the spot light! And thank god, because it’s the thing that makes me feel so fulfilled, invigorated, and alive! I don’t know how to explain it, other than I feel more like ME when I dedicate myself to this work.

It’s amazing what opened up for me the moment I decided to commit to my mission whole heartedly. New opportunies arose, I had chance encounters with the perfect people, I had more coaching enquiries and new clients, new workshops and collaborations. But the most powerful thing? I felt right within. I felt the weight lift off my shoulders and the tension in my belly subside. I knew within my soul I had made the right decision. I am on my path. I can’t tell you the peace and clarity that comes with that inner knowing.

There is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe…. The soul of the world is nourished by people’s happiness.

– Paulo Coelho

I have some exciting news to share with you – I completed my Reike Level 1 training last weekend. It was phenomenal and transformative. It was an incredible day filled with learning ancient wisdom, attunement and healing – all with a beautiful group of soul sisters. I feel so blessed to have been inducted into this ancient Japanese energy healing system.

I feel so honoured to now be able to provide energy hearings to people, and I cannot wait to get started! (Just look how friggin stoked I am in the picture above!)

A few other exciting things happening behind the scenes of Love Your Life –

I have been working away for months with some talented peeps designing a brand spanking new website! There’s so much change in the pipeline – a new logo + branding, a beautiful new online home, new systems, new processes. This new home feels so much more like ME. I’m so excited to share this baby with you all very soon. . . stay tuned for the grand unveiling!

I’m also delving into the wonderful world of nourishment and healing through mother nature – essential oils. I can’t wait to share this exciting news with you all soon (but that’s a WHOLE other blog post!).

I am ready, and I am open to fresh new beginnings.

I know you are too.

So as I sit here on the first day of spring; blue skies out my window, birds singing in the trees, sunshine streaming through the room – I’m already feeling the cathartic ‘letting go’ of winter; of the things that no longer serve me. I can feel myself stepping out of hibernation, my body slowly opening back up towards the sun and my heart defrosting.

Spring is a transitional season, spring is a time of phenomenal renewal. The earth reawakens from her slumber, and explodes with new life. In our own lives, Spring can be symbolic of starting new projects, sewing new seeds and coming forth with new ideas. This is also a time to contemplate health and physical well-being too. Be refreshed and prepare for your soulful debut!

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“Julia’s Workshop was the first time I’ve actually sat down and thought about my purpose in life. It was so refreshing and an experience I’ll never forget. I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my life purpose, and was then able to realise how my values and goals can now align with that. The tools and insights I gained from Julia’s Workshop have helped keep me on track ever since!”

Jacqui Dunstan

“Julia is one fantastic ball of glowing positivity and light! Her energy and passion are contagious, which makes meeting with her a complete joy. I enjoy our coaching sessions as Julia isn’t a highly-strung ‘cheerleader’, but the impact is the same. She makes me feel comfortable enough to really dig deep and come up with my biggest Vision and goals in a completely natural, non-judgemental space. My sessions with Julia really opened up my eyes to the idea of having clear written and visual goals for the future. Being able to set tangible goals and lay down the ever so satisfying “check mark” is like warm soup for the soul.”

Molly Green