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authentic purpose

Why am I here?

I have done a lot of thinking, refining, meditating, and brainstorming on this question over the years. All of which has led me here, to Love Your Life. Your life purpose is not generally something that can be worked out quickly – or is it?

If you cant figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you straight to your purpose.

– T.D.Jakes

I came across a fabulous exercise through my coaching community that I wanted to share with you all. It floored me. Because within the space of minutes (not months or years) I had clearly determined my life’s purpose. . . um yeah, talk about speedy. This is like the drive-thru of personal development! I feel like I have my spirit guides on speed-dial here, seriously.

It’s as simple as answering the following questions from Michelle Clarke. So grab a pen and get busy!

Divine Yourself An Authentic Purpose

Answer these simple questions with 5 words or a short statement for each:

1.      What do you want most out of life?

To give and receive love. To contribute and make a difference in the lives of those around me.

2.      What do you want to see happen in the world?

I would love to see a shift to more conscious living – living free, on purpose, as opposed to just existing.

3.      What makes you special?

My authenticity and positivity

4.      What things can you do or are you capable of doing right now?

I can share my passion, I can inspire others.

Now to divine yourself an Authentic Purpose, write this statement as follows:

“I will … (Choose one answer from 4) … using my … (answer from 3), to accomplish (answer from 2), and in so doing, achieve … (answer from 1)

I will share my passion and inspire others, using my authenticity and positivity, to accomplish a shift to more conscious living, and in doing so achieve giving/receiving love, and make a difference in the lives of others.

It’s one thing to decipher your purpose, it’s another thing all together to LIVE your purpose.

It’s change, it’s scary, it’s uncomfortable, it’s the unknown. All of our demons come out to play the moment we start to break outside our comfort zone and dare to dream. The little voice in your head is all too eager to tell you why you can’t do it, and why you’ll never be successful (believe me, I can write the book!).

But my challenge to you is to commit to being in this space anyway. Just be. Because it’s in this space, that the magic happens my friends. You will learn more about yourself than ever before. You will also get the chance to experience freedom and fulfilment like you’ve never known. And with each step toward your goal, grow more confidence to take the big leap and fly!

What if I fall? Oh but darling, what if you fly?

Be brave, be fearless.

We have but ONE life here on earth – make it count.


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“After Julia’s coaching, I am always full of promise and inspiration, I feel I shine a little brighter. She doesn’t push me; instead she gives me the desire to push myself. She doesn’t make me do things, instead she fuels MY want to do what I know I can, what I know is inside me. Julia has helped me be bold, be brave, and most of all be beautifully me.”

Ella Trotter

“Coaching with Julia has given me the courage to dig deep and ask myself the big questions; what do I want from my life? and, how do I want to live? Julia has helped me explore, and realise with clarity, not only what I want, but also the person I want to be. Through her constant support, insight, guidance and practical tools, I have identified the values I want to live my life by. I’ve also learnt how to manage the fear that can get in the way of achieving my dreams.
Meeting Julia came at the perfect time in my life. Her belief, positivity, passion and care has helped me grow and gain clarity as a person.”

Claire Martin