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Julia Matheson


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you achieved your vision, now what?

Lately I’ve been dealing with a whole new kind of problem.

And it’s a pretty darn good problem to have.

This problem I’m talking about occurs when you look around and realise that most of what you envisaged for your life has actually come into fruition. It’s a realisation that crept up very slowly on me, then took my breath away. Slowly but surely I have finally achieved all the goals I have been aiming for for a looong time.

Now this is certainly not a bad problem to have, in fact it’s definitely something that needs to be celebrated!  And celebrated it has been. But for me, and for most of my clients, I need something to aim towards. I need something big, bold and inspiring pulling me forward. I need a vision.

So what happens once you’ve achieved your vision?

Well my friends, you need to go back to the drawing board and re-assess.

I’m in the process of doing this right now. Trying to tap into a whole new vision for my life in the next 10 years. The issue for me is, that for so long (like 7 whole years!) I was aiming for this, it’s been all I knew, all I thought about, all I aimed for and worked towards. So to have it now is incredible yes, but it also has me feeling a little blocked. A brand new vision feels hidden right now from my view. I can’t quite see it yet. I can see glimpses of what I want to create, but the masterpiece as a whole is not yet complete. It’s like looking at your future through a clouded veil.

My astrologer told me that my third eye is blocked right now, and I think she’s right. I’m such a visual person, and having a vision is like an anchor for me. So without it, I kind of feel a bit lost. A bit floaty. A bit restless.

So I’m sitting in that.

I’m just allowing that to BE right now. Celebrating how far I’ve come, all that I’ve achieved, and also allowing that vision I held for so many years to come to completion.

These things can’t be forced.

So for me right now the work is to release the judgement around not knowing what my new vision is. Letting go of the expectation that I should have created it already. Choosing to allow what is, rather than to forcefully push through and create something blah, or ho-hum. Because THAT my friends is not what a vision is about.

Your vision should come from your deepest authentic self, it should boil up through your veins, it should light up your heart like a firework and give you absolute certainty that yes, THIS is the life you want to create for yourself.

You will know when your vision is complete, you will feel it with every inch of your body and soul. And you won’t be able to help yourself from getting into action, you want to create that reality right now!

What do YOU do after you’ve achieved something big?

How do you create a new vision?

What tools and tricks do you use?

Share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you.

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“Julia is the most genuine person I have ever met. The way in which she tackles goal coaching is a direct reflection of how she truly approaches life. She is a fierce believer in possibility; the way she sees life is beautiful. Julia is authentic, she takes time to truly connect and understand each person she coaches. She has a unique ability to push people to discover what it means for them to live their best life, not by being pushy, but by asking the right questions and connecting. Julia’s coaching strives to get you to recognize that your life can, or may already be, beautiful and full of the same possibility she sees in hers.”

Ali Skinner

“Julia is one fantastic ball of glowing positivity and light! Her energy and passion are contagious, which makes meeting with her a complete joy. I enjoy our coaching sessions as Julia isn’t a highly-strung ‘cheerleader’, but the impact is the same. She makes me feel comfortable enough to really dig deep and come up with my biggest Vision and goals in a completely natural, non-judgemental space. My sessions with Julia really opened up my eyes to the idea of having clear written and visual goals for the future. Being able to set tangible goals and lay down the ever so satisfying “check mark” is like warm soup for the soul.”

Molly Green