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Julia Matheson


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Julia Matheson – Life Coach, Nature-Lover, Speaker and
Blissfully Incurable Freedom Seeker

Hey there! My name’s Julia. Nice to e-meet you!

I could tell you to pack in your day job and go trekking through the mountains to find your soul’s purpose. If that’s truly what you desire, then go for it! I recommend Canada.

In fact, that’s the path I chose once.

But here’s a lesson I learned on my mountain-dotted adventure: Happiness, fulfilment and self-love needs to come from within.

Not from a selfie-stick in front of a palm tree. And not from the money in your bank account.

Because happiness, fulfilment and self-love that stems from within is the truest, purest form of love. And it lasts.

But I didn’t always think this way. And by “this way”, I mean super dooper over-the-moon style in love with my life!

I get it – it’s totally starry-eyed stuff. But hear me out.


Back when I was climbing the ultra-glossy corporate ladder…

I was working in some pretty brag-worthy jobs. Public relations, fashion buyer and people management were all roles that worked to pump up my CV and self-esteem.

I was a classic case of a Gen Y girl who looked like she had it all, but was somehow feeling disconnected from myself and what I really, really wanted. Cue staring wistfully at the ocean in contemplation.

Read my full story HERE.

Hey girl! Does any of this hit home for you?
  • I’m living for the weekend. Fri-yay! Where’s the vino?
  • The only good thing about my job is the pay cheque, but I haven’t figured out what else I should do juuuust yet.
  • Disconnecting with Netflix, martinis and social media to forget about life
  • I have the worst case of ‘comparison-itis’, I have no idea what the cure is.
  • All of my friends are popping out babies/getting married/buying houses and I can’t stop thinking ‘Holy crap! What am I doing with my life?!’
  • I have actually done all of the above, and I still think ‘Holy crap! What am I doing with my life?!’
  • I’ve stuck to all of my new year’s resolutions, ticked off goals in countless notebooks, and I still set my intentions every ding dong day…and yet, I still feel totally stuck in my own mind funk.
  • I’ve completed countless online courses in meditation, mindfulness, productivity, happiness…you name it! None of it has worked, in fact, did I ever log in?
  • Can I please just move to Thailand and do yoga by the beach?

That used to be me too, so know that I get where you are at.

So what changed for me? I got myself a life coach!

And it’s hands-down changed my life.

Life Coaching is how you will
  • Define what gives you that burst of energy to jump out bed every morning.
  • Get clear on your ideal future life vision.
  • Create some crystal clear and rock solid goals to get you to that happy place.
  • Devise a master plan for reaching those goals.
  • Learn key stress management skills so that you can deal with all the crap that inevitably hits the fan.
  • Reconnect with yourself, and throw away that script you’ve been following.
  • Begin to love yourself. Not in a romantic, lovey-dovey kissing the mirror kind of way, but in a self-acceptance and inner pride kind of way.
  • Master the art of facing your fear, and keep on going anyway.
  • Identify & quieten down all those self-limiting beliefs through understanding your triggers and any negative patterns.

What I believe in:

You are totally unique & have something special to offer the world.

When you harness your natural talents and gifts, you allow this to become your way of life.

Your big WHY will get you through the hardest parts, and allow you to do the work necessary.

Living with passion and purpose is what’s going to change the world.


My approach

I am not here to tell you something is wrong with you, or what needs ‘fixing’.

I am not here to tell you to pack your bags and run away to Peru.

I am not here to tell you to quit your corporate job to start up a jewellery company.

But you can do these things if you feel they are what you were born to do.

My coaching style blends my psychology background with modern, flexible and certified coaching techniques.

A wee note: If you are after someone to assist with serious mental health concerns or disorders, life coaching may not be appropriate for you.


Think of me as a personal trainer…but for your brain.
If you fall off that metaphorical horse, I’ll be there to help you saddle up and get back on track.

Life Coaching has been the most valuable investment in myself I’ve ever experienced.

And if you like the sound of that, you’ll like the sound of this.

Professional Bio

Julia Matheson is a Certified Life Coach with Coach U, a part of the International Coaching Federation. Along with a University major in Psychology, she combines a modern set of Coaching techniques and mindfulness to help her clients find what makes them happy, then go after it full throttle. She generally helps ambitious women to create lives that they 100% love, but has a warm, nurturing and lively approach that suits a variety of people from all walks of life.


“When considering a coach for our Lululemon ambassador Retreat, Julia was all we thought of.  Julia’s session was absolutely integral to the transformational event we created. She brought the group together, and the sharing that Julia facilitated carried through the entire Retreat. Julia’s power is in her ability to enable impactful dialogue between the conscious self and the heart, and it was such a privilege to have her develop and elevate this amazing group of people towards being even more powerful, goal-focused rockstars.”

Kristi Harris

“Julia is one fantastic ball of glowing positivity and light! Her energy and passion are contagious, which makes meeting with her a complete joy. I enjoy our coaching sessions as Julia isn’t a highly-strung ‘cheerleader’, but the impact is the same. She makes me feel comfortable enough to really dig deep and come up with my biggest Vision and goals in a completely natural, non-judgemental space. My sessions with Julia really opened up my eyes to the idea of having clear written and visual goals for the future. Being able to set tangible goals and lay down the ever so satisfying “check mark” is like warm soup for the soul.”

Molly Green