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you are guided

You are guided.

Do you know that?

You have energies swirling all around you. You do. Those of angels, archangels, past lives, animal totems and spirit guides.

I’ve written before about my incredible spiritual experiences (read about my spiritual awakening here). Well my friends, this is another one of those woo-woo posts. And even for me, this one is pretty out there! So bear with me as I take you on the journey I have just encountered. . .

I have been tapping more and more into this realm over the past decade, and with each experience I become more and more enthralled. I started out as the worlds biggest sceptic, but soon realised that I just couldn’t deny what was happening.

The experiences were too real, too specific, too detailed and tailored towards me and my life. There came a point where I just surrendered to it all. I think I probably laughed out loud and threw my hands up in the air. I consciously decided to stop trying to “understand” it in my logical mind (this is something I’m still working on, believe me!). I let go of trying to work out HOW these people where doing or saying what they were. Because I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t allow myself to believe in it. So in that moment I decided to just opened my ears up to the message, and let go of the process. In short, I decided to trust in this realm. I said to my reader, “I don’t know how you do this, and I don’t care anymore. It is just so phenomenal what you are doing.”

The last time I saw my spiritual reader, she told me I had a new guide energy around me. As soon as she said it, I knew in my heart that it was true. I’ve felt some really big changes of late, big soul-level shifts, I feel like I’m changing gears in a major way. It’s hard to explain in words, but I know it’s happening. So it was no surprise to me really when I found out there was a new guide with me. I have felt a new presence within me, and around me for a little while now, and her words just confirmed that.

I was told of an artist she knew of that can not only see and hear your spirit guide, but she can also bring them to life through her incredible art work. This was something I had never ever heard of before, and immediately I was fascinated by it. I saw one of the pieces that she had created and knew instantly that this is something I just had to try. I’m such a visual person, and to have the gift of sight for such an strong presence in my life was just way too tempting to pass up.

Well, today was the day.

I have literally just got home from seeing the artist, and I have with me my visual representation of my new spirit guide.

Meet my spirit guide, Ty.

He is a man of asian decent. He has a gentle, very humble energy. He stepped forward ever so softly to introduce himself to the artist, Wendy. She said he has a beautiful, soft energy around him. He is a deep philosopher, and he is here to guide me on my own philosophical quest.

He brings with him the energy of the moon, and is encouraging me to tap into my own inner lunar Goddess. (That’s a moon Ty is holding in his hands, and that is me, sitting in lotus position, on a lotus flower within the moon).

I couldn’t believe these messages Wendy was conveying, because as I’ve written about recently – I have been very drawn to the feminine energy of late. I have been led to books, people, conversations and experiences that are all about the sacred feminine. Now this was never something I have been interested in in the past. I’ve always been a feminist, and I’ve been drawn to female empowerment, and how females have risen throughout history, but with regards to the actual energy of the feminine – what that is, what it represents, it’s divinity, and it’s sacredness – that is something quite new to me.

Ty sits in a doorway. He steps through this doorway towards me, and welcomes me back through it with him by my side. He invites me to step through the threshold as he guides me forward. I am literally shedding the old; letting go of old beliefs, ways of being, and limitations, and I am expanding and about to step into something brand new.

I was told I am deeply connected to the phases and rhythms of the moon, as it controls my inner tides. (This really hit home as my affinity with the water is SO strong.) Ty says that he is here to help me guide, help and heal other people throughout their own phases (which is exactly what I have been doing in my work). He is here to guide me through this next phase of my life, and my work. Ultimately, helping me to achieve the full expression of myself and my life purpose. (Umm amazing, yes please!)

Watching my spirit guide literally come to life right before my eyes was an experience I will never forget. It was like watching magic. From a blank canvas emerged this profound, wise, zen, beautiful man. Wendy started with broad shading and strokes, and as she gently added in layer upon layer, the definition slowly began to emerge; light was highlighted, colours were added, strokes were swept across the page, form took shape as she crafted Ty from thin air.

He came to life right in front of my eyes, and when I started to see the image taking shape it gave me goosebumps. I felt as though Ty was leaping off the page towards me. I laughed, I smiled, I wanted to cry. I could feel his energy, and I was immediately connected to it. It felt like home.


Ty’s image will stay in my mind’s eye forever. And that’s really the point of the drawing, so that now I can close my eyes and actually see my guide. Rather than trying to imagine some abstract creature or presence, I can now draw upon Ty in an instant. And whenever his image pops into my mind, that’s when he needs to tell me something, or guide me towards a particular thing.

Now this is weird, I get it. It’s strange and out there and a little bit crazy. It’s not something you can understand on a computer screen, or an i-phone, or wherever you’re reading this from.

No. Words cannot do this one justice unfortunately. But kudos to you for staying with me here! Because even I am struggling to make sense of it all, and try to convey to you the details of this experience. Because that’s the thing, it was an experience, one that needs to be felt, not read about.

But I couldn’t not introduce Ty to you! I couldn’t not share this incredible experience with this gorgeous tribe.

But please know, that even without the names, without the labelling, without an image to represent your guides – know that you ARE being guided.

Sometimes it might feel like a gentle nudge from your intuition, other times it may feel like a slap in the face. Guides will get your attention one way or another.

Your only job? To be aware. To listen.

To stop and ask, how am I feeling? What does this mean? What do I think they’re trying to tell me right now?

It’s your own free will that get’s anything done, and that ultimately makes decisions in your life. A guide doesn’t “run” your life for you. Your guides are only here to help you along your journey, to help keep you on the path and gently take your hand when you fall off track.

And if you’re lucky, your guides may just help you to understand yourself, who you are, and what you’ve been put on this earth for.

I feel so grateful to be sharing this journey alongside you and your own journey.

Know that you are guided.

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