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Julia Matheson


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spring vibes

Can you feel the energy in the air lately?

I know I have felt a very BIG shift with the change of season.

I can feel myself starting to slowly unfurl from my cosy winter hibernation. Little itches are starting to emerge; I want to connect, to socialise, to reach out to people. I want to get out in nature more. The lighter mornings have given me a little pep in my step, and the beaming sunshine has been gladly thawing out my bones.

Ahh spring, you are SO welcome!

Don’t overlook the powerful effect seasonal awareness and the Earth’s touch has in bringing your body back to flow. Nature and its seasons are waiting at the ready to bring us back into harmony within ourselves, the Earth and the Universe at large.

– Rebecca Campbell.

The snow has melted, the flowers are starting to spring, the blossoms are out on the trees, baby animals are taking their first steps or flight.

New beginnings.



Spring is such a physical, tangible reminder about change, growth and transformation.

I’m lucky to live just outside of Melbourne, where we experience every season (sometimes all four in one day!). Witnessing nature change so dramatically around me, helps me to reconnect within and reflect on the internal cycles and seasons I am experiencing alongside nature.

After all, we ARE nature.

You too have your own rhythms, patterns, cycles and seasons. Yet we often ignore them. We often “push on through” even when our bodies are screaming for us to slow down. Women in particularly need to be in sync with our internal landscape in order to hear what our bodies and souls are craving right now.

Some questions for you to ponder as you enter this brand new season:


Q/ What have I learnt from my period of deep hibernation?

Q/ What am I willing to shed now?

Q/ What space will that now create for something new?

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Develop a relationship with the changing seasons around you. Notice the hope and inspiration of spring, the celebration, rising and outward connection of summer, the falling away and letting go of autumn, and the replenishment, clarity, rest, surrendering and potency of winter.

– Rebecca Campbell.

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