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radical alignment

The theme of alignment has been coming up a lot for me lately.

In my coaching sessions, in social media posts, in videos I see, in conversations that pop up – it seems to be all pervasive. I know that whenever these reoccurring messages appear for me, it’s happening for a reason (thank you Universe). I’m curious to dive deeper into this theme. Perhaps you need some re-aligning as well?

Aligning your life is a never-ending process. It is a day-by-day, moment-to-moment practice. Not a once off overhaul. Living a life of alignment is a daily practice. Checking in, staying on course, redirecting as you travel. Noticing what feels good, free, and spacious, and what feels restrictive, stagnant, and stuck. What is falling away and what is ready to rise.

– Rebecca Campbell

For those that follow me over in social media land, you would have seen I’ve recently been on retreat in the beautiful and healing island of Bali, Indonesia. It was a really magical experience.

It’s amazing how simple the recipe was to feeling so good actually – sunshine, movement, rest and nourishment. That’s it, so simple – it’s not rocket science. It’s things we all know, yet often don’t put all elements into practice at once.

A divine tropical setting, sweet juicy yoga practice, full moon gazing (the red moon over the ocean, just wow!), delicious healthy foods, diving deep into our personal growth, daily self care; massages, meditation, ocean swims & soaking up the sunshine. Fast forward two weeks, and I feel like a totally different version of the person who left Melbourne 14 days ago. I feel rejuvenated & totally refreshed.

But the most powerful realisations came when delivering my coaching workshops to the group.

I’ve never felt such radical alignment.

If ever there was a “light bulb” moment, THIS was it for me.

I felt in total ALIGNMENT.


Because I tore down the barrier between ‘work’ and ‘play’. I was answering my heart’s calling, and expressing the truest, most authentic version of ME. Every part of my being was screaming “YES!! This is what we are supposed to be doing!”. It was a HELL YEAH from every cell of my body, loud and clear. No if’s or but’s about it.

All the things I love, the things I’m interested in, what I enjoy experiencing, where my heart gravitates – they may all seem random individually, but put them all together & you get something pretty darn powerful.

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.

My separate loves of travel, being in nature, personal development, ocean exploring, inspiring & educating people, health & wellness, animals, connecting people, amazing food, building relationships, making people feel comfortable, sunshine, using my intuition, holding space for people to transform – it ALL combined for the perfect storm. And it felt freaking AMAZING!



I realise this was all guided by my three main values: freedom, connection and love. All my passions stem from these (and your passions also stem from your values!).

I’ve never felt more alive, more in my element, or more in flow than those two workshops. Everything just felt right, and I realised I want to do this over and over again. I can’t imagine ever getting sick of it.

The funniest (or best) part about all of this? I wasn’t even supposed to be on that retreat! It wasn’t something I’d planned (read: pushed) for, it wasn’t something I’d been striving towards, or trying to make happen. I just wanted to go on a yoga retreat, my dear friend and client Cate Wilson just happened to be running one. And when I mentioned to her that I wanted to come along, she asked if I would be open to holding some coaching workshops while I’m there. Umm, yes please!

Pure surrender.

Pure alignment.

I had the vision of running retreats of my own one day a long time ago. It’s part of the 10 year plan. But I haven’t actively been pursuing it. Funny how sometimes all we need is the intention, and to align our energies with our soul – and then BAM – a wonderful surprise like this is hand delivered to you from the Universe.

This was such a great lesson for me to let go. To relax. To surrender to the bigger powers that be. The ease at which the whole thing came together, the flow we experienced, it was undeniable. It was clearly meant to be. Easy. Uncomplicated. Flowing.

If we are pushing or striving, we are out of flow with the natural rhythm of the planet. . . Trust the natural flow of your inner seasons and don’t push yourself to bloom all year round. There are times for sowing, times for blossoming and times for retreating and going into hibernation. There is plenty of room for all of us to rise in our own perfect time.

– Rebecca Campbell

I am committed now more than ever to following the things that light up my heart, and letting go of the need to know the outcome & every singly baby step involved (hello trust + freedom). Once you pull down the barriers between work and play, you realise it’s all about what feels good, it’s all about your energy.

So over to YOU!

It’s time to get out of your head and drop down into your body. Pay attention to your heart, and your intuition to let your soul lead the way forward. Follow your passions, and surrender to the amazing journey that awaits you my dear.

Q/ How can you align your life to your soul?

Use your heart as a compass.

Your soul has got this.

When you live a life of alignment, your unique presence alone contributes to the healing of the planet. If everyone on the planet realigned their lives and did the work that is right for them, we would have a very different world. That world is drawing near.

– Rebecca Campbell.

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