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prioritise your passions

You know what fuels you, what you love, what puts a smile on your face, and what makes you feel whole. So why is it then that you often don’t make time for these things?

The simple answer – you’re not prioritising them.

You have a choice, every single day, as to what you focus your energy on, what gets your attention and time. Yet more often than not, it’s your passions – the things that are MOST important to you –  that sadly get left behind at the bottom of the never ending to-do list.

Whatever your passion might be, happiness research predicts that making time for a passion and treating it as a real priority, instead of an ‘extra’ to be fitted in at a free moment (which many people practically never have) will bring a tremendous happiness boost.

What you devote your attention to grows.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of adulting, and losing yourself in the busy-ness and fast pace of modern life. Which is why it’s even more important to prioritise your passions. Because if you don’t, they will never be honoured, they will never be expressed, they will never become the integral part of you that they deserve to be.

Without prioritising them, they simply fade into the background – into the non-existent land of  SOMEDAY “when I have time”, “I’ll get to it after I finish project X”, “once I clean the house” etc.  Perpetually keeping your passions from you, just outside of arms reach.

So write out everything that you love, all your passions – big or small. Start with a brainstorm, or a mind map, and narrow it down from there (** Hint: my Sweet Spot Workbook is a great place to start). My list includes bigger passions such as contributing to others, making a difference, and also things as simple as watching the sunset, or cuddling my dog.


  • 1) CLARITY
    Recognise & clearly define your passions. Spend the time exploring, being curious about what lights you up and why.
    Write them down, have them visible (a sticky note, a screen saver, a vision board – anything you get to see multiple times a day)
    Integrate your passion into your daily life by scheduling time for it just like you would anything else ie/ the gym, groceries, the doctor. Write it down, and watch it come to life.
    Anytime you feel a little off, maybe bored or frustrated – ask yourself – Am I honouring my passions? Most likely the answer will be NO. Consciously make a change, and go back to step one & repeat.


Isn’t it time that you felt really alive?

Don’t you deserve to feel like the fullest expression of YOU?

When was the last time you lost yourself the state of flow?

Let’s make it a regular occurrence shall we?

Because if you don’t make time for yourself to enjoy the things you love, you will become further removed from your source of happiness. I harp on about ‘filling up your cup’, because in my opinion it’s THE most fundamentally important thing you can do for yourself, and for those you love.

So grab your calendar, and start scheduling in the things you love! Write it in your diary, set an alarm, enrol a friend to do it with you, create a progress chart for yourself, give yourself a reward – whatever you need to do to make it happen, do it. Set yourself up to win.


Let’s build your passions into your daily life, let’s create a habit out of them so you don’t even need to think about them, they’re just a part of your every day world.

We must become Olympic athletes of devotion. Warriors of our craft. Servants of service. If you are to create a life’s work, not a season, you must devote yourself to your craft. Slow and steady always wins in the end. So build your creations with courageous potency, with clear intention, with unwavering focus, and with sacred intent.

– Rebecca Campbell.

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