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Stimulating Workshops and other Speaking Do's

Cracking the whip (with love) for purposeful individuals and work teams

A book can give you a spark of motivation… But only a person can give you a kind-hearted kick in the pants. An online course can provide you with options… But being present will keep you accountable. An email or a message board could bring you closer to your tribe… But nothing beats the presence of people in the flesh.

I value in-person connectivity, inspiring, leading, teaching and making people laugh, all without screens getting in the way. I help women (and a few special, connected guys), to get to the guts of what makes them tick so that they can create a life that’s soul-stirring, purpose-driven and crap loads of fun. I do this by being a super personable, approachable and authentic host for intimate workshops, small group events, and relaxed presentations.

We generally cover:

  • Goal smashing
  • Dream chasing
  • Fear squashing
  • Reconnection with your authentic self
  • Rediscovering your values, desires, needs and wants, and
  • Saying “f*** yes!” to all that your heart desires

That means people leave my events feeling ready to grab life by the coconuts, and go off into the world ready to take on pretty much anything.

Imagine: One blonde, lively ball of energy who makes self-reflection, self-enquiry and strategising a FUN and transformative experience. One intimate room full of engaged people who aren’t on their phones (yes, it’s possible). One full day or power-hour of mind adjustment, eye-opening revelations, deep connectivity, crazy-clear clarity, encouragement, goal setting and oodles of motivation to propel you into awesomeness. But mostly important, you’re going to walk away with stuff you can actually use out in the real world. Proven tools, tricks and mind hacks you can whip out at any time when you’re feeling disconnected, unhappy and stuck.

What I’m known for:

High voltage energy. Making people comfortable, and then lighting a fire under their ass. Practical magic. Hugging (yes, I’m that one who’ll go in for a cuddle when we’ve only just met). Being real. Being your own personal cheerleader.

What I’m good for

Helping you to:

  • Discover new passions and reignite old ones, so you can shed the crap that’s dragging you down
  • Define what you want out of life
  • Turn the mundane into practical magic
  • Set goals with soul and intention
  • Plan, strategise and guide without judgement
  • Love who you are with renewed body confidence, self-care, and self esteem.
  • Become more mindful, so that you can enjoy your life to the brim
  • Dream big, without holding back. This is your life, and there are no limits!

Let’s get out hands dirty together

If you have an intimate group of aspiring dreamers, doers and thinkers, I’d love to hear from you. I’m particularly at ease leading young, ambitious and soul-driven women, but can also engage and connect with high school students and older demographics. Whether you want me to come visit your high school, hold a short seminar at your community centre, or lead your team through some morale building exercises at your offices, I am so there. The best way to kick things off is to get in touch with me directly via email. I’d love to hear from you!



Inspired by observing the transitions in nature and applying these cycles to your own life. In turn, synchronising your soul with the grander rhythms of the earth.


It’s no secret that I am a massive fan on Mother Nature and all the beauty and wonder she creates.

I believe that by exploring and celebrating the natural seasons, we can tap into our own organic rhythm and get to experience a magnificent co-existence. A oneness. A sense of deep connection to our source. We synchronise with nature and get in touch with not only the world around us, but more importantly, with ourselves.

The Seasons are vital to the transition and evolution of our planet, but also serve a purpose in the evolution of human consciousness and growth. Observing the seasonal changes can be deeply symbolic –  as it has the ability to shift our perspective and create connections between daily experience and cosmic existence.

Observing the symbolic meaning of seasons prompts dynamic shifts. Tapping into seasonal symbolism broadens our horizons. Viewing our cycles of life through symbolic eyes is like removing big blinkers – it transforms our nearsighted view into a pervasive, universal spectrum of sight.

By tapping into mother nature, and to YOUR true nature – you will reap spectacular evolution in soul-growth.

AUTUMN embodies earthy colours, falling leaves and cooler days. It’s a time for slowing down and getting grounded to mother earth. The warmer clothing starts to appear from the depths of the wardrobe as the days become shorter, and the light starts to dim.

Autumn is a season of transition, it embodies a culmination – it’s Nature’s ‘last hoorah!’ before retiring into winter’s slumbering mood. This is a hustle-bustle period as preparations are made. Autumn is symbolic of the activity inspired by the fire-glow radiance of the changing foliage we see this time of year. This is a time of taking stock of all the bounty and provision we’ve been afforded. A time for itemising our blessings and recounting our joys.

Come along for a half day retreat style workshop where you can devote some much needed time and energy to YOU. Be guided through activities and lead through a personal discovery process by a certified Life Coach. Feel the love, support and connection that comes by being surrounded by like minded women, and having the freedom to explore your deepest desires.

Leave feeling super inspired with practical tools, tips and a your own take-home workbook.

When: Saturday 6th of May 2017

Where: The Studio, upstairs at Beach Lane.

Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm

purchase your ticket HERE

Please wear something comfortable, bring a pen and come with an open mind and heart.

I look forward to meeting you!


FRESH START 2017 12/2/2017. Beach Lane, Carrum, VIC.
1/10/2016.Beach Lane, Carrum, VIC.
22/5/16. Beach Lane, Carrum, VIC.
SUMMER – FRESH START 2016 (with Sophie Blake) 13/2/2016. Body Flow Yoga, Windsor, VIC.
UNLEASHED FESTIVAL 2015 – LOVE YOUR LIFE 26/9/2015. FYA, Federation Square, VIC.
THE SLOW CAMP – LOVE YOUR LIFE 4/9/2015. The Slow Camp, Point Leo, VIC.
LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR LIFE! (with Erin Kyna) Life Coaching Webinar Series, August 2015.
PASSION + PURPOSE MASTERCLASS 29/6/2015. lululemon athletica, Head Office, VIC.
PASSION + PURPOSE MASTERCLASS 11/6/2015. lululemon athletica, Prahran, VIC.
EMPOWERING WOMEN 30/4/2015. Dress For Success, Frankston, VIC.
BEYOND THE CHALLENGE 3/3/2015. lululemon athletica Emporium with Xtend Barre Melbourne.
DIMENSIONS OF HEALTH 5/2/2015. Brighton School House, VIC.
LIFE A LIFE YOU LOVE 5/2/2015. Core Candy, South Yarra, VIC
VISION & GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP 17/1/2014. Grass Roots Yoga, St Kilda, VIC.
SPRING AWAKENING (with Sarah Elise Yoga) 22/11/2014. Carrum Surf Life Saving Club
LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE (Private Event) 4/11/2014. Grass Roots Yoga, St Kilda, VIC.
INSPIRED FUTURES (Private Event) 3/9/2014. Presentation College Windsor, VIC.
MELBOURNE SPRING FASHION WEEK EVENT (with lululemon athletica) 1/9/2014. Melbourne Town Hall, VIC.
DARE TO DREAM (with Masha G Yoga) 30/8/2014. lululemon athletica, Prahran, VIC.
BEACH SIDE GOALS (with Sarah Elise Yoga) 11/7/2014. lululemon athletica, Sorrento, VIC.
INSPIRED FUTURES (Private Event) 29/5/2014. Rowville Secondary College, VIC.
INSPIRED FUTURES (Private Event) 13/5/2014. Presentation College Windsor, VIC.
LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE! (Private Event) 24/3/2014. Presentation College Windsor, VIC.
VISION & GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP (Private Event) 16/3/2014. lululemon athletica, Prahran, VIC.
BE INSPIRED WORKSHOP SERIES  (with Emma Palmer) 17 & 24/2/2014. lululemon athletica, Chadstone, VIC.
VISION & GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP (Private Event) 18/2/2014. lululemon athletica, Collingwood, VIC.
VISION & VINYASA (with Jenny Clark Yoga) 2/2/2014. Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne, VIC.
READY. SET. GOAL. 15/1/2014. lululemon athletica, Brighton, VIC.
VISION CREATION STATION! 29/11/2013. Blanc Canvas Art Studio, Hampton, VIC.
VISION & GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP 29/10/2013. LV Pilates & Barre, Oakleigh, VIC.
VISION & GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP (Private Event) 25-26/9/2013. Whistler Secondary School, Whistler, BC.
LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE! 24/7/2013. lululemon athletica, Whistler, BC.
VISION + GOALS PARTY 22/1/2013. lululemon athletica, Whistler, BC.


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