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Julia Matheson


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escape to paradise

This is my first time sitting back on my computer in a very looong time.

I’ve come back from a little hiatus. Some time out to unwind, chill out and refuel.  My body, and my spirit had been running on empty – yet I didn’t even realise it until I stopped. We often don’t realise how fried we really are until we have a moment to slow down, remove distractions, and truly BE with ourselves.

I went up to the beautiful northern NSW coast to one of my favourite destinations, Byron Bay. As soon as I stepped off the plane, that sticky humid air surrounded me like a warm familiar hug. I breathed the damp air deep into my lungs as I smelt all the luscious greenery all around. A huge smile emerged on my face – YES! This was exactly what I’d been craving.


Driving into town the sign says “Slow Down. Chill Out. Cheer Up.”  . .  and that pretty much sums up the place. In fact, it does it perfectly.

My time floated between long beach walks, ocean swims in the surf, deep sleeps with the sound of the ocean waves, exploring the luscious hinterland and rain forests, tasting delicious local produce, massages, markets, yoga, tarot readings, a crystal castle and catch ups with my family. . . there was even a beautiful surprise romance. The universe knew exactly what I needed.


2015-03-31 12.39.40

My nights were spent dancing away at the Blues & Roots festival. I actually can’t remember the last time I really DANCED like that – just unleashed, dancing like noone was watching and feeling the music move my body. Grooving away to the sounds of Jimmy Cliff, Donovan Frankenreiter, The Gypsy Kings, Ruthie Foster, Hozier, Paulo Nutini, Ben Harper and Xavier Rudd and so many more amazing acts . . . I forgot how therapeutic and joyful real live music can be. The talent and passion that was oozing from all the performers was so inspiring.

Needless to say I didn’t want to come home. Something about that place, the abundance of raw nature, the warm-hearted smiling community, the slower pace of living . . .  it draws me in every single time I visit. The people up there really know how to live. Monday night commuters were walking bare feet with surfboards to the local break – no monday-itis to be had here! No traffic, pollution, sky scrapers, or crowds – just people authentically connecting with each other, and with nature.  Exactly the kind of community I envisage for myself and future family.

As I type this, I look up at my office wall and the bright pink sticky note with my 5 core desired feelings for 2015 – The first 3: Freedom, Love, Connection – that’s exactly what these past few weeks have been for me.

Yup, thank you Byron Bay – you couldn’t have delivered a more perfect experience. I have beautiful memories to last me a life time, a big grateful heart, and an even clearer vision for what I want my future to look like.

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