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embracing the wild

I went to an amazing event last night at The School Of Life (yes that’s actually a thing!) called “Embracing The Wild”.

This event was designed to explore one question:

What is the relationship between nature and our emotional wellbeing?

Could this event have come at an any better time?

I literally have just launched my first INSPIRED HIKE because of this very reason! This event spoke to me so strongly. We ARE nature, yet so often we forget that. We think we’re separate from nature, that we need to go INTO nature. You’re already there.

In our work-dominated, technology-immersed lives we often forget to consider the systems of nature and our place in them. Our relationship to nature can be a rich source of understanding and attentiveness, humility and wonder, self-knowledge and wellbeing for ourselves, as well as the world we live in.

Four of Australia’s most extraordinary thinkers explored the relationship between nature and our emotional wellbeing: our outer and inner wild.

  • Author and adventurer Miriam Lancewood shared her personal experiences of living in the New Zealand wilderness (for 7 whole years!) and the effect that the wild has on our minds.
  • Environmentalist, activist and former leader of the Australian Greens Bob Brown explored the relationship between nature and our health.
  • Acclaimed contemporary artist Patricia Piccinini used art to explore the unknown and unfamiliar within ourselves.
  • Indigenous writer and anthologist Bruce Pascoe challenged us to reconsider our understanding of wilderness in Australia.



  1.  When you live in the wild, you live away from time.
  2.  In nature, you feel like you belong. Therefore you can’t feel loneliness.
  3. We ARE nature.
  4. When you connect with your own body, you connect with nature.
  5. You only live once, you may as well make it an adventure.
  6. Our hearts are naturally bonded with nature, because we came from it.
  7. Humans are frequently disconnected from our planet. Australia is the wealthiest country, yet has the highest suicide count, increased anxiety, decreased physical health and decreased levels of happiness.
  8. When you go into the wilderness you find yourself.
  9. We are currently consuming 170% of the Earth’s ability to reproduce itself.
  10. Nature is our best form of preventative medicine. Get into nature frequently, without technology. Watch the moon and the stars, and connect with the wild life around you. 

Nature is therapy.

Being in mother nature:

  • Enhances mindfulness, gratitude and perspective.
  • Opens up your creativity
  • Reduces stress and anxiety, and
  • Boosts your mood by promoting your ‘happy hormone’ serotonin!

There’s nothing like the sun, trees & a gentle breeze to help you feel better.

Plants are our partners in life, breathing in the air we breathe out. Our forests are literally the lungs for the planet. Let’s take time to reconnect with them.

Fancy a warm embrace with the wilderness?

Head over to my events page to check out the upcoming Inspired Hikes.

Let’s get our hike on together!

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

– Gary Snyder

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