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Julia Matheson


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do you avoid time alone?

When was the last time you spent quality time with yourself, alone?

Not watching netflix, or scrolling Facebook – but really present, mindful, engaged & content with yourself. When was it? What where you doing?

We are currently riding out the depths of winter. This season is all about stillness. The distractions and energy of the warmer months have long gone, leaving behind a quietness, a return to YOU. But for many, this is the dreaded season. As you realise that time alone isn’t fun at all, in fact it’s TERRIFYING!

You see it doesn’t so much matter whether we are physically “alone”, it’s how we are FEELING when we’re in our own company. Because there is a huge difference between spending time alone happy, peaceful and content with ourselves, and being alone feeling depressed, anxious or disconnected.

Do you resonate with any of the following –

  • Does the thought of spending time alone freak you out?
  • Do you ‘busy’ your days so that you can avoid the emptiness that creeps in when you’re alone?
  • Do you feel stuck and disconnected from your true self?
  • Are you confused, or have no idea what you truly want?
  • Are your fears and negative self-talk running the show?
  • Are you constantly comparing yourself to others, making you feel like crap?

During the depths of winter, time alone can bring up feelings of anxiety, isolation and emptiness. We can easily run from these feelings the rest of the year – there’s so much energy, so many things happening, we are like social butterflies. But when winter comes, it’s much harder to escape ourselves.


You might be feeling down in the dumps, stuck and unmotivated. All you want to do is hibernate under the covers until Spring . . . pretty please? You might be numbing yourself with TV, that extra glass of wine, flipping through instagram or eating your weight in chocolate.

But winter doesn’t have to be this way. Hell, LIFE doesn’t have to be this way!

Time alone can be the most fulfilling, nourishing and love-filled moments. Time alone can be sacred and divine. IF you allow it to be.

So how do YOU feel about spending time with yourself?

Go deeper than the initial reaction which will be something along the lines of ‘Oh I’m totally fine with it thanks!’ – that’s most likely your ego talking. Really enquire and dig around in the depths of your fear, sadness, vulnerabilities and deepest desires. It won’t be easy I know. At some level, there will be a discomfort. It’s about finding out what that is for you, so that you can then work on it.

Spend some time pondering over these questions:

  • What is it that makes me feel uncomfortable about being alone?
  • Is this a truth, or something I have created?
  • What would be possible for me if I let go of this?
  • What would it feel like to be 100% connected to myself?

Winter is the perfect opportunity to really go on a personal discovery. Restore. Reconnect with yourself. Re-charge your batteries. Take time-out to really focus selfishly on YOU. Remember your passions? Your dreams? Your desires? Yeah, well now is the perfect time to get into action – start planning for fruition come the warmer months. 

Another great way to get connected to yourself is to check in with your desires. Ask yourself, ‘what do I really want?’. Goal setting is a fabulous exercise at any time, but it’s particularly nourishing during these colder months. So put pen to paper, craft a plan and get cracking on your goals – you will feel instantly more focused, motivated and inspired than beforehand, I promise.

Here are some questions to get you started:

In the next 3 months –

  • What are some things you’d really like to achieve?
  • What are the things you’ve been putting off?
  • What do you really want to do?
  • Where do you really want to go?
  • What do you want to create?
  • How do you want to feel?

If you would like to feel more connected to yourself at a soul level, remove your blocks from success, explore all the things that make you tick, and really celebrate YOU, then I would be honoured to have you at the SOULFUL SOLITUDE Event this month. We will be deep-diving into these topics and more, in an intimate half-day coaching workshop. Early bird tickets are on sale now!

I would be honoured to have you there and to work with you on becoming your own best friend.


I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not defined by another person.

– Oscar Wilde

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“Julia led a Workshop with my Year 10 students – each with such different aspirations, current achievements and many with little idea of what they want to do in life. Careers and subject choices for VCE are our focus, so it was perfect timing to have Julia come in and show them that truly anything is possible. The students stepped into possibility, created a clear Vision for their best life, and learnt how to set goals to make it happen. As their teacher it was a joy to see them listening, creating and genuinely being excited about where they can go.”

Coral Bentley

“When considering a coach for our Lululemon ambassador Retreat, Julia was all we thought of.  Julia’s session was absolutely integral to the transformational event we created. She brought the group together, and the sharing that Julia facilitated carried through the entire Retreat. Julia’s power is in her ability to enable impactful dialogue between the conscious self and the heart, and it was such a privilege to have her develop and elevate this amazing group of people towards being even more powerful, goal-focused rockstars.”

Kristi Harris


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