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Julia Matheson


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Julia Matheson – Life Coach, Yoga-Lover, Speaker and
Blissfully Incurable Travel Devotee

Hey there! My name’s Julia. Nice to e-meet you!

I could tell you to pack in your day job and go trekking through the mountains to find your soul’s purpose. If that’s truly what you desire, then go for it! I recommend Canada.

In fact, that’s the path I chose once.

But here’s a lesson I learned on my mountain-dotted adventure: Happiness, fulfilment and self-love needs to come from within.

Not from a selfie-stick in front of a palm tree. And not from the money in your bank account.

Because happiness, fulfilment and self-love that stems from within is the truest, purest form of love. And it lasts.

But I didn’t always think this way. And by “this way”, I mean super dooper over-the-moon style in love with my life!

I get it – it’s totally starry-eyed stuff. But hear me out.


Back when I was climbing the ultra-glossy corporate ladder…

I was working in some pretty brag-worthy jobs. Public relations guru, fashion buyer and people management were all roles that worked to pump up my CV and self-esteem.

I was a classic case of a Gen Y girl who looked like she had it all, but was somehow feeling disconnected from myself and what I really, really wanted. Cue staring wistfully at the ocean in contemplation.

Hey girl! Does any of this hit home for you?
  • I’m living for the weekend. Fri-yay! Where’s the vino?
  • The only good thing about my job is the pay cheque, but I haven’t figured out what else I should do juuuust yet.
  • Disconnecting with Netflix, martinis and Instagram to forget about life
  • I have RSI from scrolling through Instagram, wishing I were somewhere else.
  • I have literally implemented like, 5 Facebook detoxes, because I just GET. SO. MAD seeing everyone’s photos of holidays/babies/boyfriends/abs. I have the worst case of comparisonitis, I have no idea what the cure is.
  • All of my friends are popping out babies/getting married/buying houses and I can’t stop thinking ‘Holy crap! What am I doing with my life?!’
  • I have actually done all of the above, and I still think ‘Holy crap! What am I doing with my life?!’
  • I’ve stuck to all of my new year’s resolutions, ticked off goals in countless notebooks, and I still set my intentions every ding dong day…and yet,I still feel totally stuck in my own mind funk.
  • I’ve completed countless online courses in meditation, mindfulness, productivity, happiness…you name it! None of it has worked, in fact, did I ever log in?
  • Can I please just move to Thailand and do yoga by the beach?

The story so far…

When I was in my late 20s, I knew I wanted to live a life far more inspiring than the one I had. I then sadly lost a couple of family members to cancer. This acted as a cue to really make me review and reconsider what I was doing in a job that I didn’t even really like.

I knew I wanted to live a life that had MEANING, but I had NO CLUE what that looked like.

So…how was I to go about getting the life, job and fulfilment that I wanted…if I had no idea where to even start? No blueprint to help me begin building my new life? No one to tell me what to do?

And somewhere between staring wistfully at crashing waves and doing the 9-5 slog, I had the realisation: I don’t need no map. No freakin’ way. I am the master creator.

And then BAM! Cue light bulb!

I started to ask myself some tough questions: what are my values? What’s really important to me? How do I want to feel? And what am I here to do?

So I quit my job, packed up my apartment, said goodbye to my loved ones, and booked a one-way ticket to the other side of the world. As you do when you have no idea what you’re doing. During this time, I travelled trough South America for three months, and then lived in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

It was during this time that I turned my gaze inward. I started to surround myself with superbly connected, switched-on, genuine people, who inspired me to get real with myself, and reconnect with what I wanted. I started to listen closely to my heart, and thought about what I wanted for a change, not what script society had written for me. The noise of the outside world slowly faded away, and created space and energy for me to get started on finding my purpose. Whatever that meant!

Have you ever stopped and thought….

Who am I really?

Who was I before the world told me what I could and could not do?

I know I used to.

But when I stopped, I began to peel off the layers and the labels – everything that was not authentic for me.

As soon as I shifted my focus inwards, the volume on my desires and dreams got louder and louder, to the point I couldn’t ignore them any longer. Through listening to my heart, my life path began to emerge before me.

I got present to what really inspires me – connecting and contributing to other people. I felt a passion for serving others, and helping them to live their best lives. This work is what truly lights me up.

But I had no idea how to go about putting my passion to use.

So what changed for me? I got myself a life coach!

And it’s hands-down changed my life.

Life Coaching is how you will
  • Define what gives you that burst of energy to jump out bed every morning.
  • Get clear on your ideal future life vision.
  • Create some crystal clear and rock solid goals to get you to that happy place.
  • Devise a master plan for reaching your goals.
  • Learn key stress management skills so that you can deal with all the crap that inevitably hits the fan.
  • Reconnect with yourself, and throw away that script you’ve been following.
  • Begin to love yourself. Not in a romantic, lovey-dovey kissing the mirror kind of way, but in a self-acceptance and inner pride kind of way.
  • Master the art of facing your fear, and keep on going anyway.
  • Identify & quieten down all those self-limiting beliefs through understanding your triggers and any negative patterns.

Think of me as a personal trainer…but for your brain.
If you fall off that metaphorical horse, I’ll be there to help you saddle up and get back on track.

Life Coaching has been the most valuable investment in myself I’ve ever experienced.

And if you like the sound of that, you’ll like the sound of this.

Professional Bio

Julia Matheson is a Certified Life Coach with Coach U, a part of the International Coaching Federation. Along with a University major in Psychology, she combines a modern set of coaching techniques to help her clients find what makes them happy, then go after it full throttle. She generally helps ambitious women in their 20s and 30s to create lives that they 100% love, but has a warm, nurturing and lively approach that suits a variety of people from all walks of life.


“Julia inspires me to be better than I am, and to live in true possibility. Through her coaching and unique ability to get me to think outside the box, I was able to write powerful goals, a passionate vision, and determine what contribution I am to people and the world. I had some powerful self-realisations about what I do and don’t want for my life, and how to achieve this every single day. Julia takes the fear out of writing goals and brings fun to the process. Through Julia’s coaching I was able to let go of my past fear of not being perfect. I am now vulnerable, real, and go after what I really want – and not what I felt others wanted for me. I have a heart full of love. I am learning not to be scared of imperfection and embrace failing in order to grow and succeed.”

Bianca Rowe

“Coaching with Julia has given me the courage to dig deep and ask myself the big questions; what do I want from my life? and, how do I want to live? Julia has helped me explore, and realise with clarity, not only what I want, but also the person I want to be. Through her constant support, insight, guidance and practical tools, I have identified the values I want to live my life by. I’ve also learnt how to manage the fear that can get in the way of achieving my dreams.
Meeting Julia came at the perfect time in my life. Her belief, positivity, passion and care has helped me grow and gain clarity as a person.”

Claire Martin


Instagram @juliamatheson_lifecoaching